Weighbridge Services

Mackintosh Group operate a private, fully certified weighbridge. It is open for public use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and conveniently located close to SH3, ten minutes south of Wanganui (view map and directions).

Casual or one-off users - we operate a bit like a toll road. If you pay online within a few days of weighing, the charge for a casual weigh is $15 (GST inclusive). If we have to invoice you through the cameras… then the charge is $45+GST per weigh.

Bank account - Mackintosh Group - 03 1353 0303562 001. Payment reference is your docket number(s) and numberplate. 

On account users - first time weighbridge users must be registered on our system. You can use an existing Dallas tag or your vehicle rego/truck number as your entry PIN. Please call Ruth on 0212564867 or Contact us to pre-register your vehicle before you intend to weigh. 

We operate three tiers of pricing (+GST)

  • Grain going to/from our silos is $10 per vehicle weigh for bulk bags (or $1/T for bigger loads of over 10T) 

  • A weighbridge only truck or trailer is $9; 

  • Ten or more weighbridge only weighs in a calendar month are $7.50 each.

Weighbridge Specifications

  • Single platform for truck or trailer - truck and trailer (up to three axle) are weighed separately

  • Driver-operated, user friendly touchscreen system from Sensortronic

  • Four separate load cells for accuracy

  • Stored tare (gross only e.g. logs) or live weigh (tare and gross)

  • Printed computer-calculated net weight

Mackintosh Group Weighbridge, located at 64 Warrengate Road

Mackintosh Group Weighbridge, located at 64 Warrengate Road

Certificate of Calibration

In line with government regulations the weighbridge is serviced, calibrated and certified by an approved technician every 12 months, and is accurate to within 10 kilogrammes (view our current certificate).