Grain Handling Services

Mackintosh Group's silo complex, located 10 minutes south of Wanganui, offers weighing, drying, storage, milling and blending services. We also offer contracting services - from the initial ground work and planting, through to harvest and replanting and grain sales - so we can help you along every step of your arable cropping programme.

The Facility

First built in 1980, Mackintosh Group's grain facility has a storage capacity of over 3,500 tonnes, which we can extend as needed with 200 tonne silo-bags. 

The silo complex includes modern grain driers, a large dump-hopper and a fast-load silo capable of loading trucks at a rate of 10-12 tonne per minute which is always appreciated by busy trucking firms. 

In 2011, we added roller and hammer mills, a metered additive hopper and a high accuracy load cell to give us the ability to manufacture blends to client specifications.

Grain Sales

We work with other local grain growers to market and sell our combined grain in a pool on their behalf. Our grain buyers include dairy farmers, piggeries, equestrian facilities, and grain merchants. Depending on the time of year, we have barley, maize and sometimes wheat, oats and peas available and can source canola and soya bean extract for blends.

We require a minimum 500kg order, and can sell in one tonne bags but most of our trade is bulk.

All grain and stockfeed coming into and out of our facility is weighed over our certified weighbridge.

Milling and Blending Services

We can kibble or roll grain as coarsely or finely as you want. We can also blend different grains and mix in mineral additives at prescribed rates to customise feed to meet your animals' nutritional requirements.

We're committed to offering great customer service, and are happy to discuss how we could work together.

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